👋 Christian Nunciato




Programming the Cloud with JavaScript

Infrastructure as Code


Can't see what's inside.

Can't duplicate it.

Can't scale it out easily.

Can't recover from disaster.

🧰 Types of Tools

⚙️ Configuration management

☁️ Provisioning

⚙️ Config-management tools

Chef (Ruby)

Puppet (Puppet Language)

Ansible (YAML)

SaltStack (YAML)

☁️ ️️Provisioning tools

Terraform (HashiCorp Config Language)

AWS CloudFormation (YAML)

Azure Resource Manager (JSON)

✅ Commonalities

They're declarative: We express the what, and the tools determine the how.

They're idempotent: Given an input, we get the same result, however many times we run it.

AWS Cloud Development Kit


What we just did, there:

We built an event-driven, serverless application that blends cloud resources and app code into a single JavaScript program.

We programmed the architecture diagram.